Oregano Herb
Oregano Herb

Life Span

  • Perennial

Scientific name

  • Origanum vulgare


  • 18 inches


  • 12 inches


Oregano Flower
Oregano Flower
  • Oregano is a bushy, spreading, perennial with abundant oval leaves and purple blooms. Be careful to get the correct species. To be sure of avoiding disappointment, buy a plant that you’ve tested by crushing a few leaves and smelling or tasting them beforehand. It should have the distinct aroma of oregano.

Ease of care

  • Easy

How to grow

  • Grow in full sun, in average to sandy and preferably alkaline soil (add lime generously, if the soil is acidic).


  • Buy your first healthy plant, then use division, layering, or cuttings to obtain additional ones.


  • Fresh or dried leaves tomatoes, cheeses, eggs, beef, pork, poultry, she potatoes, sauces; Flowers floral arrangements, Dried branches baths


Dry Oregano
Dry Oregano
  • Clip fresh as needed.
  • Harvest at the time of bloom and hang dry or freeze.