How Handsome Am I?

Writing and The Written Word

Look at me, everyone,
How handsome am I?
My fluffy fur coat is purr-fect,
It dazzles and shines!

Look at the way my ears stand tall,
My tail gives me balance, so I will not fall!
My whiskers and nose are perfectly aligned,
So I can sniff out food and treats to find!

My eyes glimmer green and they shine so brightly,
They help me to see in the dark at night!
My teeth are sharp and clenched to bite,
If I ever need to give someone a fright!

Everything about me has a purpose,
So I remind myself that I’m beautiful when I don’t feel worth it!
I am a proud cat, and I will stand tall,
Strong and beautiful, I will not fall!

Look at me everyone, how handsome am I?
I know that I am amazing, and I will not lie!
Don’t be…

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