Is Milk Yogurt Fermented Food?

Is Yogurt Fermented Food?

  • In a word, yes. Yogurt is produced when specific types of bacteria are added to milk. These bacteria produce lactic acid, which is what gives yogurt it’s unique sour taste. The fermentation process also results in the milk becoming thicker, which transforms it from liquid milk into a semi-solid yogurt.

Yogurt Is A Popular Food Worldwide

  • Yogurt is a very popular fermented food around the world, and that popularity has only increased in recent years as more people have learned about the health benefits that it offers. The live active cultures in yogurt aid in digestion, and help to improve your overall health.

Live Active Culture Milk Yogurt Is Best

  • If you are interested in the health benefits of yogurt, make sure that you only buy and eat real yogurt. There are many fake or look-a-like products on the market which are marketed as yogurt, but they are, in fact, simply artificially thickened products and may not even contain milk. To get the health benefits of yogurt, make sure that you only purchase yogurt that is made the traditional way with live active cultures

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