How To Make Yogurt Cheese At Home?

Have you ever wondered how to make yogurt cheese at home? Well, if you have, it’s probably a lot easier than you might have imagined it would be. In fact, it’s so easy that you can do all of the prep work in just a few minutes. What is yogurt cheese? It’s yogurt that is thickened, which makes it similar in consistency to cream cheese. How do you make it at home?

  • Start with 1 cup or more of yogurt and make sure that it is real yogurt with live active cultures.
  • Take a strainer or funnel and line it with either a coffee filter or two layers of cheesecloth. Actually, I use a clean square of an old white teeshirt for this, and it works just fine.  This is what will allow the liquid to drain out of the yogurt while leaving the milk solids behind.
  • Fill the funnel or stainer with the yogurt.
  • Cover the top of the funnel or strainer with plastic wrap. Make sure that you get a tight seal if you don’t; then your yogurt cheese may not come out with the right consistency.
  • Place the strainer or funnel over a large bowl with space between the bottom of your strainer and the bottom of the bowl to capture the liquid that is going to drip out.
  • Put the strainer or funnel, with the bowl under it into your refrigerate. Let yogurt set in the strainer for at least a day, longer if you want your yogurt cheese thicker. I usually check the catch bowl and empty a few times to keep too much liquid from accumulating. The longer your yogurt cheese sits in your refrigerator, the thicker it will become.
  • That’s it; now you can remove your yogurt cheese and store your yogurt cheese in a sealed container in the refrigerator.


Once your yogurt cheese is finished, make sure that you keep it refrigerated. It is a dairy product, so leaving it out at room temperature for a lengthy period of time will cause it to spoil. You should also use the yogurt cheese you’ve made within about a week. Any longer and it could spoil.

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