The Benefits of Eating Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

People usually eat fruits and vegetables for their nutritional values, but they cannot enjoy them when their season is over. When fruits and vegetables are out of season, cooks either have to adapt to eating the produce of the new season or depend on frozen fruits and vegetables. Frozen fruits and vegetables are used for various reasons like ease of using them and their nutritional benefits. Some of the benefits of eating frozen fruit and vegetables are:

Frozen Fruit And Vegetables Are Full Of Nutrients

The nutritional value of fruits and vegetables starts lessening the minute they are picked. So, their nutritional value gets affected from the moment they are plucked and the time you take to eat them after harvesting them. But the nutritional value can be much more than fresh fruits and vegetables as they are frozen as soon as possible after harvesting them. Moreover, they are full of their nutritional elements, including minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, when they are plucked after their full maturity. Freezing fruits and vegetables at this stage help in locking most of their nutrients in them. On the other hand, the fresh fruits and vegetables you get in the market have to travel a long way to reach you, and during that period, they get enough time to reap and get maturity. So they must be harvested when they could not get the maximum amount of natural nutritional elements. They get ripened artificially during their transit period. So, frozen fruits and vegetables have more nutritional value than their fresh counterparts.

The fact that frozen fruits and vegetables are more or equally nutritious to fresh fruits and vegetables can be proved on the basis of two studies performed independently. These studies were carried out by the scientists of Chester University and Leatherhead Food Research center. They have performed over 40 tests on frozen fruits and vegetables as well as on the products kept in a fridge for 3-4 days to measure and compare their nutritional values. They found that the level of nutrients found in the samples of frozen foods is more than in the comparatively fresher items. Actually, the level of antioxidants, like anthocyanins, lutein, beta-carotene, and polyphenols, found in some of the frozen vegetables and fruits, were higher than in fresh fruits and vegetables. The results of these researches have confirmed that the nutrients are not destroyed when the foods are frozen. It has been found that frozen broccoli lost 10% of its nutrients when preserved for one year, whereas fresh broccoli lost over 50% in just one week.

Frozen Fruit And Vegetables Are Free From Additive

When fruits and vegetables are frozen, no unwanted additives are used while packing them in bags. On the other hand, canned fruits and vegetables have a number of additives in them, even if no sugar or salt is used while preserving them. You can find these additives from fresh fruits and vegetables if you check them minutely, but you cannot find any added material on the fruits and vegetables preserved in freezers.

Frozen Fruit And Vegetables Are Very Easy To Use

If you like to eat fresh fruits and vegetables then you can visit a local market of farmers to get the produce of that season, but in the long run, you will find that it would have been better if you have bought frozen foods. Along with preserving the nutritional values, the frozen foods are easy to use as you need not wash, chop, or peel them. And for that reason, you can pour them directly on your plate to eat them instantly after taking them out of the freezer. The ease of using frozen vegetables and fruits has also been proved through a study on working women. According to this study, on average, almost one hour is spent every day by working woman for preparing, serving and eating the food and cleaning up afterward when she uses frozen fruits and vegetables. But when they use fresh fruits and vegetables then they have to spend at least one hour for preparing, serving and eating each meal. Actually, they save a lot of time to reach and prepare meals with frozen ingredients than fresh ingredients.

Frozen Fruit And Vegetables Can Be Used Flexibly

You can use frozen fruits and vegetables stocked in your freezer in different ways as necessary. You can spread them on the whole-grain toast with butter or use them as a topping on your oatmeal recipe. You can also sauté them with some garlic, herbs, and extra virgin olive oil and add some brown rice pasta or a bit of quinoa or add them in your stir fry dishes as the main ingredient to make delicious recipes of your choice very quickly. Moreover, you can use frozen ingredients throughout the year even when their season is off. Fresh fruits and vegetables, you cannot use them in their offseason, unless they are imported from elsewhere.  

Frozen Fruit And Vegetables Take More Care Of Your Health

Though buying fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to get nutrition, but it is not necessary. Nutritionists usually suggest eating 4-5 servings of vegetables and fruits every day to remain healthy.  According to a recent study, it has been proven that fruits and more vegetables and fruit are consumed by the people who buy frozen produce than those who buy fresh ones. It makes people eating frozen produce healthier than those using fresh produce as their intake of vitamins and minerals is higher.

There are a number of benefits of eating frozen vegetables and fruits, but that does not mean that you should avoid eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Advantages of Buying Pie for The Holidays

Holiday Pies
Holiday Pies

Benefits of Buying Pie for The Holidays

The holiday periods are always a good time for bonding with the gathering of family and friends happening all around the globe. If you are of the opinion of hosting your first Thanksgiving, you should as much as possible avoid trying to do too much. Preparations can be more budget friendly and entertaining if you decide to buy some. Let’s say you are already roasting a sizeable feathered friend; one that consumes quite some useful space in your freezer and then your fridge, before even going to the oven. It is true, and not everyone likes the opinion of a gourmet kitchen with two or more ovens. It is also likely you are making some side dishes to keep every mouth busy.

Also, taking into consideration the number of family and friends coming over for the gathering, it is better to contemplate on maximizing your energy and time. After every gathering, cleaning follows, and no matter how little they take up time and energy. Having enough utensils might help a little, but you would still need to clean. It is another big job itself.

So, making homemade pie might not be an option as you can easily outsource them. Resist any temptation you might have and save yourself the stress and time. You have just to box it up, tie a ribbon around, and act like it never transpired. Buying pies for the holidays have more compelling benefits attached. Below are some tips why you should consider buying pies for the holidays.

Delicious and More Variety

Pies are delicious and come in more varieties. You can be flexible with your budget and opinion by going for more exciting variety when buying pies for the holidays or thanksgiving. There are some delicious varieties out there. So, whether you are a fan of classic pumpkin pie or fruit pie, you can always find a fresh or frozen variety.

Easy Transportation

Buying pies for the holidays or thanksgiving come already packaged and ready to go. This packaging is helpful when transporting as you do not have to worry about wobbly tin foil or fussy plastic wrap. That ease goes a long way when you are already feeling tense.

It Is Budget Friendly

From pie ingredient costing – butter, flour, fruits, nuts, sugar, and spices; the costs can quickly add up. For a budget-friendly or reasonably priced fee, you can get high-quality pies that are tasty as the pie baked in your kitchen or even better. Generally, around holiday periods, you can quickly get exclusive discounts from grocery stores, so keep an eye out for better deals.

Faster Turn Around Time

From prepping the crust to fixing the filling, we all can agree baking is fun. But it also takes a considerable chunk of time!! If you are a mum with little ones around, you can quickly get caught up performing other entertaining duties. Buying pies for the holidays from grocery stores will save you even more time.

Less Cleanup

If you despise doing dishes, you will appreciate buying pies for the holidays. No matter the size of your gathering for Thanksgiving, you only have to do a minor cleanup.

Not Every Cooks Pie Regularly

Preparing pie takes a long time because I do not make them on a regular basis. So, if you are like me who makes pies occasionally, you might want to consider buying them. Also, if you have friends and family, who take pride in perfection, buying them might just do the trick.


Holiday periods, like Thanksgiving, is always a good time to share with your family. And while doing so, you do not want to feel left out because of fatigue or trying to get the dish done. Getting delicious pie on a budget can give such gathering a winning edge while saving time simultaneously. Well, I hope you find my opinions and tips useful, and you get to come out happy with buying pies for the coming holidays.

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Pantry Essentials – Why you should consider Box Milk

Box Milk On Pantry Shelf
Milk On Pantry Shelf

Box milk is not something you with likely think of as a pantry item, however, it is an excellent pantry item.  Box milk is healthy, wholesome, and keeps for months at room temperature within the ‘Best Used By’ date.  Additionally, keeping a supply a properly maintained box milk in your pantry will reduce the need to make trips to the grocery store to replace refrigerator milk.

How to Use Box Milk

Box milk can be used for numerous purposes in the home and in the kitchen.  Not only can you drink it, put it on your cereal, and use it in your cooking, but we also use it to make homemade yogurt and certain types of gelatins.

Storage of Box Milk

Storage Unopened In the pantry

You do need to be sure that you apply the FIFO stock rotation rules to ensure that your box note use used the force boils to prevent waste.  Also, inspecting your box milk helps you keep an eye on it to ensure you are using it in a timely manner.  Additionally,  wherever you choose to store your box milk ( pantry, root cellar, kitchen cabinet) a consistent moderate should be maintained, otherwise, the milk’s shelf life may become compromised.  This is especially true of freezing and frequent large temperature changes.

Once opened in the refrigerator

Once opened box milk should be stored in the refrigerator at around 33 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The milk should be consumed with about 3 to 5 days from the date it was opened.

How long does unopened box milk last

Shelf life can vary depending upon many factors, such as, from production date to time of purchase.  Box milk, if properly cared for can be safely stored for several months. Basically, I would use the ‘Best Used By’ date and apply the FIFO rules based on the ‘Best Used By’ date, not the date of purchase.

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How to Purchase Winter Squash and Pumpkins from Local Markets

Winter Squash In the Market
Winter Squash In the Market

Now, that I’m seeing fall selection winter squash and pumpkins available in the markets, I thought it might be a good time to provide some guidance on how to select the best of them for storage or dining. This time of year the varieties available balloons and is it an opportunity to try some varieties, which are not normally readily available.

Look For:

  • Full maturity, indicated by a hard, tough rind. Also, look for squash that is heavy for its size (meaning a thick wall and more edible flesh). Slight variations in skin color do not affect flavor.
  • That the stem is still attached to the fruit.


  • Fruit with cuts, punctures, and sunken spots and/or other damage.
  • Moldy spots on the rind and/or stem; this is an indication of decay.
  • Tender rind (outer shell), this indicates immaturity, which is a sign of poor eating quality in winter squash varieties.
  • Decorative varieties with poor quality flesh (e.g. Turk’s Turban) and/or completion varieties (usually, the very largest squash, but not always)