Oatmeal Equivalent Measures

Sometimes when working with recipes the ingredients are not always provided in the measure with which we are most familiar.  So, here is a quick reference for converting dry oatmeal to an equivalent measure which you use regularly.

Amount In CupsAmount In Grams (g)Amount In Ounces (oz)
1/8 cup10 g0.4 oz
1/4 cup20 g0.7 oz
1/3 cup25 g0.9 oz
3/8 cup30 g1.1 oz
1/2 cup40 g1.4 oz
5/8 cup50 g1.8 oz
2/3 cup55 g1.9 oz
3/4 cup60 g2.1 oz
7/8 cup70 g2.5 oz
1 cup80 g2.8 oz
2 cups160 g5.6 oz
4 cups320 g11.3 oz

Cooking Measures – Egg Size Substitutions

Different Sized Eggs
Different Sized Eggs

This egg size substitution chart is a quick guide for swapping out different size eggs. This chart uses the U.S. large egg as the foundation for the conversion because they are the most common sized called for in modern U.S. recipes.  I’ll be honest here for the larger eggs (Large, Extra-Large, and Jumbo) I just go with 1 to 1.  For smaller eggs (medium, Small and Peewee) I round up to the next whole egg.  I’ve never noticed any harm in doing this. However, if precision is your thing, I have kept a decimal place in the chart and you can choose how to handle them.

Egg Size Substitutions

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