Corn Bread Dinner Rolls Recipe

What dinner table is and better for being grace graced with some fresh bread. These dinner rolls are tasty and allow your family and guests to help themselves. Additionally, they make an excellent side dish for holiday meals.

Corn Bread Dinner Roll Ingredients

  • 1 cups of milk
  • 2/3 cup yellow cornmeal
  • 1 tablespoon of instant yeast, dissolve in warm water
  • 1/4 cup of canola oil
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt (optional)
  • 3 eggs
  • 4 cups all-purpose flour

Corn Bread Dinner Roll Directions

  • In a saucepan over medium-high heat simmer the milk for 2 minutes.
  • Add the cornmeal and continue cooking and mixing until the mixture is thickened. Remove from heat and let it cool.
  • Once cooled add the mixture into a bowl, add the yeast, the canola oil, and the honey.
  • Mix well to combine everything.
  • Add the salt and 2 eggs. Mix again.
  • Little by little add the flour until a soft dough forms.
  • Knead the dough for 5 minutes.
  • Transfer the dough to a greased bowl and cover.
  • Reserve for about 3 hours so that the dough will double in size.
  • Make 12 little balls and place each roll on a baking sheet cover with parchment paper.
  • Place the rolls in a warm place ( a closed oven with the light on for example )let them rise again for about 1 hour.      
  • Preheat the oven to 375 ˚F. 
  • In a small bowl add 1 egg and mix with a fork.
  • Brush the top of the rolls with egg and sprinkle cornmeal.
  • Place in the oven and bake for 20 minutes.

Prep time :

  • 20 minutes

Cook Time

  • 20 minutes

Waiting Time

  •  4 hours


  •  This recipe makes about 12 servings

Peach Panna Cotta Recipe

Peach Panna Cotta Decorated With Peaches
Peach Panna Cotta Decorated With Peach Slices

This recipe has been in our family a long time it was given to us by an aunt when we lived in Panama on 81 and who knows how long she’d had it before she passed it on to us. It has been a family favorite and it’s easy to make. Originally described as a cheese putting in the recipe in Spanish, we have been making it before we understood it to be Panna Cotta. But I’ll be honest most times we don’t bother with putting it Panna Cotta Form. Usually, we just put it in a big dish and scoop it out with the big spoon to serve to serve or put it in individual serving size drinking glasses.

While the common way to serve Panna Cotta is to make the base and pour a syrup or a fruit topping on it, this recipe incorporates the peaches into the body of the Panna Cotta and therefore no sauce is required.

This is an interesting approach to a panna cotta in that it uses both milk and cream cheese, so, if you wanted to, I suppose, you could put this on the crust and turn it into an icebox cheesecake.

Peach Panna Cotta Ingredients

  • two packets of unflavored gelatin (Knox) (5 teaspoons/ 15g)
  • one can of evaporated milk (12 fl. oz. / 354 mL)
  • One 8 package of cream cheese (8 oz/ 226.80g)
  • 1 cup of sugar (8 oz. / 600g)
  • 1 can of sliced peaches in syrup (15.25 oz. / 432g)

Peach Panna Cotta Preparation Directions

  • Remove peach slices from syrup and ser syrup aside for later use
  • Cut peach slices into smaller chunks
  • Blend milk and cream cheese
  • Add sugar to milk mixture and blend again
  • Sprinkling the gelatin evenly over ½ cup of cool water and let set until the gelatin swells and softens
  • Heat up the syrup (do not boil)
  • Stir Gelatin slowly into the hot syrup
  • Pour syrup and Gelatin mix to milk mix in blender and blend again.
  • Pour mix in to the dish, ramakins, or glasses of choice
  • Add Peaches distributed even across the milk mixer
  • Place in refrigerator for at least two hours

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Shortcut Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder
Simple Weeknight Corn Chowder

The shortcut corn chowder is an easy soup for any weeknight. The basic soup only has three ingredients, which can be easily embellished according to your taste.

  • The shortcut corn chowder is an easy soup for any weeknight. The basic soup only has three ingredients, which can be easily embellished according to your taste.The basic ingredients are:
    • One can of condensed Cream of potato soup
    • One can cream of corn
    • Two cans equivalence of milk for one can equivalent of milk and one can equivalent of vegetable or chicken broth

    Combine and stir well in a saucepan. Then, heat on medium low temperature, stirring occasionally, until the pot a thoroughly warm and just starting to simmer. At that point, it’s ready to serve.

    If you want to embellish the recipe a little bit here are some ideas:

    • Add some chopped fresh green onion or chives to that color
    • Some folks, like that a little bit of black pepper
    • Bacon bits or, even, a little butter

Cherry Pie Recipe

Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie

Cherry pie may well be my favorite type of pie, there is something about the combination of sweet and tart which appeals to my taste buds. And in the early summer, when cherries are in season, what better way to take advantage of the abundance of this fruit. I have very fond memories of family cherry trees in our neighborhood, which metaphorically produce tons of cherries every summer or, perhaps, given the number of trees in our neighborhood when I was growing up, not so metaphorically.

Cherry pie ingredients
Cherry pie ingredients

Cherry pie ingredients

  • Butter 150 gr (5 oz)
  • Eggs 2 pieces (only yolks)
  • Sugar 200 gr (7oz) (100 gr in the dough and 100 gr in the jam)
  • Vanilla sugar 10 gr (1\2 oz)
  • Lemon juice 1 tsp.
  • Salt pinch (1/8 tsp.)
  • Flour 250 gr 8 oz(1/2 lb. )
  • Cherry 200 gr (7 oz)
  • Cinnamon 1 tsp. (optional)
  • Cornstarch 1 tsp.

Cherry pie cooking directions

Cherry pie crust ingredients
Cherry pie crust ingredients
  • Let’s the pie crust; to do this, we mix sugar lemon juice and butter

Note: the butter must be very soft, before use; so, remove it from the refrigerator and bring it to room temperature (About 1.5-2 hours).

  • Add the yolks and mix together
Butter mixture for crust
Butter mixture for the crust
  • Add flour to the butter mixture and knead the dough with your hands.
Adding flour to crust butter mixture
Adding flour to crust-butter mixture
  • When thoroughly mixed (do not overwork), wrap the dough in food film and put in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
Cherry pie dough
Cherry pie dough
  • To make the cherry filling, put fresh cherries (without cherrystones) and sugar put in a saucepan.
Pitted cherries and sugar in pan
Pitted cherries and sugar in a pan
  • Boil and after boiling add starch (mixed in a small amount of cold water) and cinnamon,
  • Bring back to a slow simmer and cook until thickened.
  • Take the dough from the refrigerator and spread the dough evenly it into the pie pan sides and bottom. I used the 16 cm pie pan.
Cherry pie pan lined with dough
Cherry pie pan lined with dough
  • The add the filling and bake 40-45 min. 190 C\375F\4 gas mark.
Oven ready cherry pie
Oven ready cherry pie

How to Blind-Baking a Pie Crust

Blind Baked Pie Crust
Blind-Baked Pie Crust

The Best Way to Blind Bake a Pie Crust

The whole idea of pie crust blind baking may sound somewhat daunting to the inexperienced or anybody without proper baking tutorials. But if you are preparing for Thanksgiving and you are already feeling scared by the notion of baking an entire pie, then I am here to help! Learning how to blind bake is no more than allowing the pie crust bake within a short time frame before adding the fillings. It is a straightforward procedure made simpler once you learn the crucial stages. Now let’s take a little time to understand more.

How to Blind Bake

All we are discussing here is about, how to bake the pie crust before the addition of your filling. You may be anxious to know why we do not just toss the crust into the oven without any additions — my response would be that during the baking process of the crust, series of steam makes the pastry layers to swell. The swelling is usually very uncooperative especially when the ultimate aim is to add fillings to the pie. Both faces of the pie crust will correspondingly sag after which they begin to crisp, producing a less striking effect. The perfect solution from our pie crust baking tutorials is to line the pies not yet baked with aluminum foil or parchment and press down for the lower part to not puff while avoiding slouch on the sides. You can get an individual bargain pie weights, especially for this purpose. You can make use of dry beans (approximately one-half pounds), or you can get a little adventurous by making use of pennies from your savings jar.

With the edges turning golden, it implies the pie crust is ready. You can take away all weights and allow the baking of the pie crust take a little more time. For a partly baked pie crust, you need the lower part to appear dry and chipped, but still maintaining its pale look. For a wholly baked pie crust, wait for the lower part to have a light golden appearance. The whole baking process would not take more time, ranging from 15 minutes to 25 minutes.

When is Blind Baking a Pie Crust Required?

Occasionally, Pie crust is necessary for Thanksgiving. On regular days, they are two periods when blind baked pie crust is essential. These two periods are when:

  • making custard pie, and
  • using A no-bake (icebox) pie or cheesecake filling.

With custard pie, similar to pumpkin pie, moistness in the pie filling can turn the crust damp before it gets to the baking period. Blind baking till it is half-baked aids it in staying solid. With unbaked pie filling, similar to French silk pie, it only ensures the crust wholly bakes before the filling addition.

But do not fear much, with our baking tutorials you do not have to predict so often. Every recipe will practically always let you know if blind baking is essential. If you found a recipe with directions for a “cooled and cooked” pie crust, it is merely an alternative signal that you would need blind baking for the crust beforehand.

Docking Or Weighting The Pie Crust

You may also find some baking tutorials that demand blind bake through “docking” as an alternative to pie weights. Docking is puncturing around the crust with the teeth of a fork. The tiny holes permit for the escape of steam, thwarting it from puffing, and provides the benefit of being faster and less frilly than making use of pie weights.

In my opinion, I still prefer the use of pie weights due to the additional support they provide as the baking takes place. If you use a very liquidly filling, there is the possibility of having the filling seep into any tiny holes making the crust mushy.

Is This All That Is Required for Me to Know?

Well, Yes! For pie crust, these are the initial stages of blind baking tutorials and also for other recipes you find. So, whenever you want to enjoy some Thanksgiving or other special occasions, blind baking pie crust is always a welcome idea.

I want to believe you learned a thing or two from my baking tutorials, feel free to start practicing and improve your baking skills!!

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Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot Cake With Lemon Glaze
Carrot Cake With Lemon Glaze

Carrot cake is ubiquitous in the U.S. and comes in as many variations as anyone might want.  Usually, in some form of a layer cake.  This carrot cake recipe is intended to be easy to prepare, and by using a quick and easy glaze, rather than frosting, it has a bit of the traditional American Cottage Pudding feel to it.  Here to hoping it finds its way to your table.

Carrot Cake Ingredients

Carrot Cake Ingredients
Carrot Cake Ingredients

For Cake

  • Carrot – 375 gr (12 oz ) (3/4 lb)
  • Eggs – 4 pieces
  • Sugar – 150 gr (5 oz) (1\2 lb)
  • vanilla sugar – 15 gr ( 1\2 oz)
  • Vegetable oil – 100 ml (1\3 cap) (3fl)
  • Cinnamon – 1-2 tsp (5-10 gr)
  • Salt – 0,5 tsp (2,5 gr)
  • Baking powder – 15 gr ( 1\2 oz)
  • Flour – 350gr (12 oz) (3/4 lb)

For glaze

  • powdered sugar 125gr (4 oz n) (1/4 lb)
  • lemon juice 1 tbs (0.5 fl oz)

Carrot Cake Directions

  • Carrots grate on a large grater or grind in a food processor.
  • Combine eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar and salt mix with a mixer until smooth white lush mass.
Combining Ingredients For Egg Mixture
Combining Ingredients For Egg Mixture
Smooth Egg Mixture
Smooth Egg Mixture
  • Add the egg mixture to the grated carrot.
Adding Egg Mixture To Carrots
Adding Egg Mixture To Carrots
  • Add the cinnamon baking powder and vegetable oil to the eggs and carrots.

Cook’s Note:

If desired, you can add spices such as cardamom and dry ginger, as well as dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots and so on).

  • Add the well-sieved flour and fold in until smooth
Flour Being Added To Carrot Mix
Flour Being Added To Carrot Mix

Cook’s Note:

When sifted, the flour is well saturated with oxygen, and the cake becomes lusher.

Complete Carrot Cake Mix
Complete Carrot Cake Mix

Prepare a baking dish

  • Coat the baking dish with vegetable oil, butter, or shortening, and sprinkle in flour or cocoa, so, that the cake does not stick to the bottom and sides of the dish; or line use baking paper.
  • Preheat your oven to 180C\350F\4 gas

Once preheated, bake for approximately 35-40 minutes, and the top is a lite golden brown. Check doneness by inserting a wooden toothpick near the center of the cake, when removed the toothpick should come out clean and dry (absent of uncooked cake mix)

  • Remove from oven and allow to cool on a rack or heat tolerant service.
Baked Carrot Cake Without Glaze
Baked Carrot Cake Without Glaze

Prepare lemon glaze to decorate the Cake.

  • To make the Lemon glaze, mix lemon juice with powdered sugar until uniform
  • Once your cake has cooled completely, top it with the with glaze. You can leave it out protected or in the refrigerator overnight, to allow the glaze to distribute evenly and to soak into the cake, somewhat to make the cake moist and delicious. Bon Appetit!

How Long Can You Store Riced Cauliflower?

Riced Cauliflower
Riced Cauliflower

You have purchased your cauliflower and you’ve got your appliances and utensils out, so, you might as well go ahead and fix a large batch of riced cauliflower.  Once you’ve made that large batch of riced cauliflower, it leads to the question, how long can I store riced cauliflower? So, here are a few quick notes about storing riced cauliflower which may be helpful.

Storing Riced Cauliflower In The Refrigerator

  • Raw riced cauliflower may be stored up to a week (seven days). Once cooked, riced cauliflower can be stored an additional three or four days, if rapidly cooled and place in the refrigerator immediately. Obviously, Riced cauliflower should be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container.

Storing Riced Cauliflower In The Freezer

  • Riced cauliflower may be frozen and stored up to a year. If you choose to make large batch riced cauliflower and freeze it, I recommend that you freeze in meal size packages. Additionally, once you’ve packaged your cauliflower, you should freeze it laying flat. This will make it more stackable and save space in your freezer.

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