Cooking Tip – Break Eggs Into a Separate Bowl First

Egg Cracked Into Checking Bowl before Use
Egg Cracked Into Checking Bowl before Use

To prevent mishaps and damage to more than the egg you’re currently working with, it is strongly advised break each egg one at a time into a separate bowl or a breaking bowl, if you will. This allows you to work with each egg and ensure it’s of the quality you want before combining it with other eggs or other ingredients and regretting an unpleasant surprise.

Things like a piece of eggshell falling in can be more easily retrieved from a single egg than several eggs. Worse yet, if for some reason you should come across the bad egg, you can simply dispose of the egg wash the dish and move on the next egg without having lost anything but the egg that was bad. This minimizes risk before transferring the egg it to your mixing bowl.

This using a separate bowl, also, applies to separating eggs; always do them one at a time to prevent one broken yolk from spoiling a bowl full of whites.

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Ask The Cook – How to make Muffins and cupcakes easier to remove from their liner?

Cupcake With Liner
Cupcake With Liner

When working with muffins and cupcakes many cooks prefer to take advantage of liners, but often the finished cupcake or muffin sticks to the liner and can be messy to remove.  To prevent this problem, simply place your liner in the pan and give it a lite coating of your favorite cooking spray.   Usually, unflavored cooking sprays work best.  Floured cooking spray, such as ‘Bakers Joy’ may also be used.

Cooking Tip – how to reduce the acidity of tomato dishes

Tomato Soup, how to reduce the acidity of tomato dishes
Tomato Soup

Reduced tomato recipe acidity

  • To reduce the acidity of tomato dishes, add a 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda when cooking and/or reheating; then, sample. If the dish is still too acidic, repeat the process until you reach a level that tastes appropriate to you.

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