Oregano Herb
Oregano Herb

Life Span

  • Perennial

Scientific name

  • Origanum vulgare


  • 18 inches


  • 12 inches


Oregano Flower
Oregano Flower
  • Oregano is a bushy, spreading, perennial with abundant oval leaves and purple blooms. Be careful to get the correct species. To be sure of avoiding disappointment, buy a plant that you’ve tested by crushing a few leaves and smelling or tasting them beforehand. It should have the distinct aroma of oregano.

Ease of care

  • Easy

How to grow

  • Grow in full sun, in average to sandy and preferably alkaline soil (add lime generously, if the soil is acidic).


  • Buy your first healthy plant, then use division, layering, or cuttings to obtain additional ones.


  • Fresh or dried leaves tomatoes, cheeses, eggs, beef, pork, poultry, she potatoes, sauces; Flowers floral arrangements, Dried branches baths


Dry Oregano
Dry Oregano
  • Clip fresh as needed.
  • Harvest at the time of bloom and hang dry or freeze.

Compost Tip – Suppressing compost bin odors

Compost Bin
Compost Bin

Compost bin order fix

  •   to suppress odors in a compost bin, pour in a box of baking soda and mix the contents of the bin. This will keep the acidity level down in a compost bin and suppress the order.

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Recycling and Reuse – A simple example of the value – coffee can

New Coffee Container
New Coffee Container ($20.00)
Reused Coffee Container
Reused Coffee Container (Free)

How to save money through reuse

I think about recycling and reuse from time to time. Especially, when I’m making the morning coffee. We frequently reuse and repurpose useful items, so, here is a quick and simple example of the value of recycling, or in this case reuse, and how easy it can be.

Walking through the store this last week and noticed the new coffee container, and will round the last couple of pennies, for $20. And, it made me think of value and durability my old red coffee can in the kitchen, which has been in use (reused) for more than a decade at a cost of nothing. Originally, purchased for the coffee inside, we kept the can and began filling it with coffee from small bags. We have been using the can so long, that it’s even inherited a dent last year in the lid when something fell on it, but it still works and it doesn’t look that bad.

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Bottle reused as a cupholder

Bottle reused as a cupholder
Bottle reused as a cupholder

Here is a simple and surprising recycle/reuse of a bottle. Recently, I went into the bathroom to discover that my wife had reused a bottle as a couple. These cups have been floating around the counter in the bathroom for literally years.  Well, no need to buy a cupholder.

While her approach is efficient and effective, I’m sure if you have children around this could be the perfect beautification arts and craft project with some string, some glues, and some paints, or any number of other materials.